February 27th, 2005

Google calculator

From tenzil:

Some of you may be unaware that Google can do this:

Go to google.com, and type into the search box, how many grams in 1 pound.

Note the fine way that Google just GIVES you the answer, to about five decimal places, and doesn't even bother trying to search for results -- though it gives you a link to click on in case you were really looking for websites based on that phrase.

And it works even on ridiculous conversions and units of measure, such as how many tablespoons in a cubic light-year (answer).


I haven't posted because I'm sick.

Bad: being sick, with a raging sore throat and dry, clogged sinuses.

Worse: said illness trashing one's sleep schedule so one is awake at 5AM.

Worst: knowing you have just given your illness to your SO, who now has all the same symptoms. :(

Thus the lack of food and lodging postings after the recent binge (which appears to have driven off readers, alas).