February 12th, 2005

Xanga => LiveJournal?

Say, does anyone know whether one Xanga will provide an RSS feed in a format that LiveJournal will understand and incorporate into one's friends list? (Or any other aggregator, actually, but in this particular case LJ.)

I am reading various documents which imply that Xanga's feed is malformed. Cursory examination of the output seems to bear this out; it sure doesn't look standard. There are folks who have written various scripts to correct formatting, etc, but has anyone reading this tried any of them? Has Xanga corrected its RSS output?

(I'm told Xanga's RSS feeds are of the form: http://www.xanga.com/rss.aspx?user=r_ness)

Comments (particularly from folks who have made this work) welcome. Thanks in advance!

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We'd gone to Stony Creek, because I'd wanted to show her a piece of New England within a short drive of campus. It was a warm spring day, and we walked along the shore with the waves gently washing onto the beach. The gulls wheeled around in the distance, their cries carried faintly on the wind.

We found a place to sit on a stone wall. She sat with her back to me as I began to rub her back. I looked out over her shoulder to the water. We talked about relationships, and thinking about relationships. "Perhaps we think too much," she said. "It's what we've been trained to do, all our lives, so it's understandable. But maybe it's not always the right thing. Sometimes, perhaps, we should just act."

Years later, I understood what she'd meant. It was some time after that before I started to wonder if she'd actually been talking about us.
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