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Assembled in the USA from 100% Chinese parts.


27th January 2005

5:14am: Xanga and Blogger.
I've just tripled the number of blog sites on which I have accounts, exclusively because I have friends at the other sites and want to be able to comment on their blogs.

If you're a friend, and you've gotten to this page from some other site, or if you know one of my friends has a site somewhere else which isn't mirrored on LJ, please comment here and let me know.

Blog balkanization is inconvenient.
2:22pm: Speaking of random...
...I've been working on a list of stations which share the same names in different metro/subway systems. It's tedious work finding them. I figured I'd see if anyone else on the net shared one of my quirky interests and could help out.

The Mornington Crescent intersystem quick reference, a work in progress.

Feel free to pass this to anyone you think interested in transit systems or Mornington Crescent.
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