January 24th, 2005


Great fun, particularly running into folks from Wesleyan I hadn't seen in ages! It was also great that we got an extra day of convention from the weather gods.

Thanks to all of the folks who worked so hard, particularly on the extra day they didn't really know they were going to have to work!

Welcome to Hoth.

Recently, bwilder and I spent a fun late evening/early morning playing Star Wars: Battlefront. One of the levels is on Hoth, and includes a network of ice trenches for cover and concealment.

Today, while digging the short path from bedfull_o_books's door, I started thinking about how during the last snowstorm, as we were shoveling the walk at the J, monkeygod said digging dirt isn't too different from digging snow--the snow right now is distinctly easier digging than most dirt--which then made me think about digging trenches in snow, which finally reminded me of the trenches on Hoth.

In any case the trenches are dug. :)
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