January 22nd, 2005

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I have the theme song to The West Wing in my head. In fact, it embedded itself in my brain during a dream this morning, sometime after I dropped my headphones in the street and had to pick them up before oncoming traffic crushed them, and me*.

This is weird. I don't even watch the show. Maybe it's a delayed effect from a couple of days ago when it was on in the laundromat.

*Definitely dream-memory; it was a cool rainy night, streets shiny and wet, and a whole crowd of us were out, zooming around on scooters or motorcycles. I vividly remember running back and seeing the headlights coming on.
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    "West Wing - Main Title" - W.G. Snuffy Walden

So, the warnings are getting ever more apocalyptic around here.

People seem to be taking heed, too, because the Waltham Costco was a madhouse. Fortunately, when all you're buying is a prescription refill, they don't make you wait in the normal checkout lines. If they did, I'd still be there. In fact, it's possible some of those people will still be there when the snow starts.

Anyway, time for Plan B: parking the car in Alewife T's handy covered parking and using public transportation for the duration.

(BTW, bedfull_o_books, the newest updates say Boston will be getting more snow than New York. Also, should I wait for you so we can go visit muffyjo together?)
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