November 6th, 2004

A wedding on the Cape.

Just got back from attending a wedding on Cape Cod. It was the first wedding I've been to since I officiated at jendaviswilson and redhound's wedding. I don't think I'll ever look at weddings in the same way again. When the officiant said "By the power invested in me..." all the memories came rushing back.

It was a lovely wedding. The ceremony was held outside in a garden behind the inn, and reminded me of the setting wherebedfull_o_books's sister and brother-in-law got married. It was short and simple. The three flower girls were as cute as flower girls could be.

The reception was in the inn itself, and was great fun. The food was fine, the drink free-flowing, and friends and family were there in force to support the happy couple and wish them well. And, as you'd expect, the music and the dancing were fabulous!

Congratulations and best wishes, Patrick and Derek!