October 22nd, 2004

Massachusetts 34th Middlesex District race (Somerville/Medford)

If you don't vote in this district, feel free to ignore this posting.

You may be aware that the incumbent, Vincent Ciampa, was defeated by Carl Sciortino, in last month's Democratic primary. You may not be aware that Mr. Ciampa is now running as a write-in candidate. His office denies responsibility for the actions of some of his supports who are attacking Mr. Sciortino as anti-Catholic and as a homosexual extremist.

Mr. Ciampa is a machine Democrat, and was defeated by 117 votes. His office is organizing the write-in campaign.

The Boston Phoenix has details.

If you were planning not to vote because the outcome of the Presidential race in Massachusetts is a foregone conclusion, you may find it useful to go to the polls anyway, because this race promises to be close, and has a direct bearing on upcoming votes on the pending amendment to the Massachusetts constitution regarding same-sex marriage.

(Full disclosure: I am not voting in this district. I am not working for either campaign. I am not a Democrat. This has been an unpaid public service announcement.)