October 21st, 2004

Massachusetts vs. Texas.

trowa_barton said:

"I really hope the Houston Astros do not make it to the playoffs. The last thing this country needs is a World Series in which a team from Texas goes up against a team from Massachusetts."

(In comments, he goes on, "Of course, there is a simple solution to this: St. Louis must win.")

Okay, the riot police are now in Kenmore Square.

There was a sea of people in the streets around Kenmore Square; then some moron decided to set something on fire in front of the McDonalds. Someone else picked up a trash can and threw it at the McDonalds, and now the riot police have arrived in a phalanx, backed up by fire engines (I'm guessing for water cannon).

It looks like the crowd is backing off, fortunately, up a couple of the avenues.

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Wow, this is a lot of people. The motorcycle cops are now coming down Brookline Ave. The cops are reacting very quickly.

Along Landsdowne St. a car trying to make its way through had its windows smashed and people tried to turn it over. Now there are some mounted cops making their way through.

There's a report that some buttheads broke into Fenway, but no details. We can see a lot of people who have climbed up onto the beams on the outside of Fenway, but the park itself is dark.

There's also a report that tear gas was fired to try and disperse the crowd but that doesn't seem to have had much effect. More or less it looks like the cops are going to try and move along the streets and clear people out of the area. They have one of those big white school buses, possibly so they have somewhere to put the people they arrest.

Fortunately it looks like the police planned ahead so the situation isn't too hairy; most people look like they're just having fun celebrating but there were a few jerks whose idea of celebration is to break things.

But wow, it's a lot of people. Particularly considering there wasn't even a game here tonight.


A CNET article describes the TV-B-Gone, a "keychain gadget allows people to turn off most televisions, whose flashing images and background drone inventor Mitch Altman compares to second-hand smoke."

The $15 device can be ordered directly from their website. (At the moment, the site seems to be overwhelmed by traffic.)

Thanks to ceo for his original post.

Personally, I'm all for efficient markets...

...but how does this differ from sports gambling, exactly?

Red Sox Reward Futures Traders Who Favored Them Over Yankees

"The Boston Red Sox, who became the first team in Major League Baseball history to win a playoff series after trailing three games to none, rewarded the futures traders who made them favorites against the New York Yankees.

"The payoff was even greater for speculators who wagered on the Red Sox when their futures contracts were selling for pennies on the dollar.

"Traders were paying more for Boston contracts than for New York futures before the American League Championship Series, even though the Red Sox haven't won baseball's title since 1918, and the Yankees have won four of the past eight.

"``It's phenomenal how efficient the sports markets are,'' said Mike Knesevitch, a spokesman for TradeSports.com, an online exchange where futures contracts were traded on the series. ``I'm always amazed.''

"Traders on the Dublin, Ireland-based exchange who were betting on a Red Sox victory were able to redeem contracts that were almost worthless four days earlier. Traders were able to increase their investments 40-fold if they bought Boston contracts at their low and held them until today."

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ESPN Radio commercial in Spanish.

Just a few minutes ago, while listening to the Astros-Cardinals game, I heard a commercial for the Baseball Tomorrow Fund (a charitable fund to build baseball diamonds that Major League Baseball is doing). The fund isn't that important, but the advertisement is, because it was in Spanish.

I think this is great, but is my surprise at this only because I haven't been listening to ESPN Radio? Does this happen all the time, an advertisement in a different language from the program it's placed in, and I just haven't been paying attention? I haven't heard this kind of multi-lingual imbedding since Singapore, where Mandarin ads sometimes appear in the middle of English-language programming.

(The other odd thing about it is that the Spanish-language ad gave baseballtomorrowfund.com as a URL, and the whole page is in English. I can't find a Spanish-language link, except one buried in a pulldown to MLB Español. This seems like a bad plan.)