October 3rd, 2004

What a Way to Go! (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0058743/) (1964)

bedfull_o_books and I thought this was a wonderful black comedy. A piece of fluff, for sure, but one that was great fun and so pretty to look at. Shirley MacLaine plays a four-time widow (to Dick van Dyke, Paul Newman, Robert Mitchum, and Gene Kelly) whose special power causes every man she marries to become first rich and successful, then dead. There are in-joke references galore, including to "Cleopatra" and "Singing in the Rain", including films-within-a-film in Gene Kelly proves himself a great sport as he parodies himself. And MacLaine shows she can stay right with him, step for step, "but backwards and in heels" as the Ginger Rogers quote goes, in their big dance number. And to top it all off, Edith Head's costumes were fabulous! Dozens and dozens of them, some on the screen for only seconds! How much fun could they all have had making this!

Apparently this film has never been released on videotape or DVD, so you have to wait for it to get shown on cable, or find a bootleg.

(dorianx, if you haven't seen this film, you really must.)