August 15th, 2004

John Perry Barlow in Reason magazine.

"Trying to own intellectual products and creating an economy of scarcity around them as we do with physical objects is very harmful to the development of culture and the ability to speak freely, and a very important principle not talked about much, which is the right to know. I think we have a right to know. It shouldn’t be something we have to purchase."

"I have grave misgivings about John Kerry, but I certainly don’t have misgivings about Kerry that equal the terror I have about another four years of Bush. What he’s done to aspects of the Constitution that are there to assure individual rights is breathtakingly bad."

"The Transportation Security Administration is now routinely searching checked bags. They are not just looking for explosives. I’ve taken the government on, subpoenaing their training procedures and search requirements to see whether or not any attention is paid to the Fourth Amendment in these searches.

"The Constitution doesn’t say anything about national security. The Fourth Amendment is the Fourth Amendment, and they’re gonna have to show me that it isn’t. Right now they are refusing to answer subpoenas. I’m trying to suppress evidence based on it being an improper search."


(Forwarded to me by someone I can't remember; if you do remember, please feel free to comment and I will give credit here.)

What I did yesterday.

Woke up at 7:00AM, got on the road by 7:15, stopped once around 7:30 at Burger King on US 1 north of Princeton, drove straight up the Jersey Turnpike and over the GWB. (No commercial vehicles allowed on the Garden State, Palisades, or Merritt, so that restricted our options some.) The Cross-Bronx is actually still pretty clear at 9AM on a Saturday; not 80 mph, the way it is at 3AM, but a solid 55-60.

North on I-95 to I-91 to I-84; serious jam around 11AM at the Mass Pike tolls, so we bailed onto US 20 for one exit, then onto the Pike at Auburn. Off onto 128, and around to the dropoff point.

Unloaded the truck with help in less than an hour (thanks MC, B, and K!) and then over to Budget to return it; which we did by 3:30PM without going over the 330 mile limit.

Drove back to E's. Waited for her to get home so we could go to the parties together. She still hadn't shown up at 10:30 so I took off to the birthday party (Happy Birthday S, C, the other S, and K!) intending to go to R & A's housewarming afterwards; E called me at the Junction so I went home to see her (schedule misunderstanding causing her not to have shown up after rehearsal until 11) and got distracted and fell asleep after midnight.

Also had plans to visit J's Katemas party but again, fell asleep.

Sorry I didn't get to the other two parties but I just ran out of steam.