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Assembled in the USA from 100% Chinese parts.


11th August 2004

4:37am: That LJ crush meme idea...
...has more lives than some email chain letters.

It really cries out for a parody.
5:14am: Nightlinesurfer
When I travel, I pick up random handouts that look interesting. Sometimes they come in handy. Often they don't. A lot of the time I don't get a chance to look at them until I get home. Nightlinesurfer was one of those.

Nightlinesurfer is a joint publication of the BVG (Berlin Transit Authority) and Stadtmagazin [030], a Berlin nightlife magazine. This handy, pocket-sized booklet comes out four times a year. My copy includes a DJ bio; a page each on ten different clubs featured in the current issue; night tram, bus, and U-bahn schedules and route diagrams with pointers to various clubs, including addresses; a night transit network map; four pages in tiny print of clubs in Berlin, including addresses and what transit lines to take to get to them; and listings for breakfast places.

The feature pages include info on the history of the club, what kind of facilities it has (how many dance floors, bars, etc.), its theme, style of music, DJs who spin there, drinks cost, type of crowd, door policy, cover charge, and hours.

I've never seen this kind of publication anywhere else. It makes total sense. This booklet pretty much jump-starts your Berlin clubbing experience: where to go, how to get there, how to get home, and where to go for breakfast after the sun is well and truly up. And you'll never have to set foot in a taxi.

Oh yeah, and the damn thing is free.

I guess only the 21st century Germans would organize the serious business of fun quite so well.
Current Mood: impressed
12:29pm: From woodwardiocom: White Wolf Book A Threat To Safety
" This gentleman nearly had a book confiscated in the name of safety. I am vastly amused that it was a White Wolf book. Hot goth chicks with big swords; wouldn't want people exposed to those, nosiree.

"(Link courtesy Andrew/hackard.)"
8:38pm: Update on the White Wolf/New York Waterway attempted book confiscation.
kynn quotes from White Wolf's product listing:

Update: Aha, suddenly it all makes sense:

U.S. Page Count: 224, Authors: Richard E. Dansky, Michael Kessler, Michael Goodwin, Bryan Armor, Jim Kiley, Ellen P. Kiley, Dawn Elliot and Scott Taylor, Developer: Geoffrey C. Grabowski

Anybody tell Rich yet? I see tenzil got the word. :)
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