June 18th, 2004

Buried under a mountain of packing boxes.

I'm poking my head up, gopher-like, from beneath a hillock of cardboard boxes, to reassure folks who have asked: I'm still alive, though decidedly offline.

I haven't posted in a while--LJ says ten weeks--not because nothing has been happening in my life, but because most of the things that have been happening have involved packing boxes. I'm involved in three separate moves: my parents', Elizabeth's, and my own.

Thanks and hugs to folks who have helped: KJ and Pepe and Mike O, to mention only three, for aid in wrestling 128 lb. shelving units around; and bloodstones and KJ (again) for driving me down to NJ on separate occasions.

I haven't stopped eating tasty food, and I fully intend to write about it--one dim sum place in NJ that KJ and I stopped at comes to mind--but I haven't had time to log in, much less post.
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