October 19th, 2003

Seen on the back of an African guy in Livingstone, Zambia.

"The most hated and feared group at Microsoft."

So I ran in front of him (okay, given the heat, I walked slightly more quickly and got in front of him) to see which group this was.

"Microsoft Exchange"

Can someone enlighten me as to the in-joke?

(I have a pretty good idea how it came to be on the back of a local guy in Livingstone.)

Countdown timers for traffic lights.

I'm sure you've seen those countdown timers for walk signals. There are a number of them around in the States. I'm not sure how places decide where to install them.

Here in Bangkok, they've installed countdown timers for the traffic lights at some major intersections. I'm not entirely sure why. On the one hand, I suppose having a bright red "15" next to the red light, counting down to "14", "13", etc. might get one to wait more patiently. On the other hand, seeing a red "89" counting down might encourage one to run the light. And I'm not sure which a yellow "3" encourages.