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Assembled in the USA from 100% Chinese parts.


12th October 2003

7:03am: Net ups and downs in Africa.
Those of you who were on IRC when I came on from Maputo, Mozambique may remember my amazement at the quality and speed of my connection from there. I even poked people to do a traceroute from them to me (and Regis, among others, obliged--thanks!). We figured I must have been using most of the pipe all by myself.

Well, I guess I used up some of my net luck that day because for two or three days all of Zambia went off the net. At least, Lusaka (the capital), and Livingstone (the main tourist hub) simply couldn't get packets routed. I would venture to guess those two places account for most of the Internet traffic from from Zambia.

The Zambians blame the Americans for not routing their packets but my suspicion is someone didn't pay a bill on time...

(I'm back in Singapore now, where all I have to worry about is overly-restrictive proxy servers...)
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