August 28th, 2003

Quick update on Chom's.

The restaurant is open 1100-1800 Monday to Saturday.

(I saw some people eating at noontime today, and checked. They'd given the 1600-1800 answer to Bika earlier, so maybe there was a change or a misunderstanding.)


Once again, Singapore Airlines shows why it wins all those awards for on-board service:

1) A full dinner service on a two hour and twenty-five minute flight, even in economy.
2) The (free) movie on said flight was "Matrix Reloaded".

A minor quibble was that the flight was too short to show the entire movie. Nonetheless.

Another noteworthy detail.

All local calls from phones in the transit and departure areas of Singapore Changi Airport are free. Clearly, this is to make life easier on people who have just arrived and don't have local change or phonecards.

I've been taking great advantage of this by calling everyone I know here. Fortunately, all my friends are night people. So far, everyone I've called has been up and about: one in the supermarket, and two on the metro.

Off to make more phone calls during the rest of my four-hour layover. :)