August 16th, 2003


"Classic" Lays potato chips, in nori (Japanese seaweed) flavor, found in a 7-Eleven in Bangkok. Also, the Lays potato chip logo looks quite strange in Thai script.

The Girl from Ipanema, playing in the beachside restaurant of our hotel on Koh Samui.

Salsa blaring loudly from the speakers of Il Duomo, an Italian restaurant on Chaweng Beach, again on Samui island.
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    The Girl from Ipanema

Silver Spoon

Leah and I spent our afternoon helping Carrie buy a laptop at Pantip Plaza, a huge multi-story shopping mall largely dedicated to computers, peripherals, and software, much of it grey-market.

Afterwards, Carrie said dinner was on her because we'd been so much help.

It was the Queen's Birthday, on which Thais celebrate Mother's Day, so many restaurants were crowded. Then Leah suggested we try Silver Spoon.

Silver Spoon
2/1 Thanon Krung Kasem
(the river end of the street, past Thewit Flower market)
Wat Sampraya
Bangkok 10200
Tel: +
Fax: +66.2.628.9912
(so claims the business card, but the entire site is currently down)
Ferry pier: N15, Tha Thewit

Silver Spoon has a spectacular location on a two-level wooden structure built on the bank of the Chao Phraya river. Just to the south is the new cable-stayed Rama VIII bridge. If you sit on the top level, as we did, you get a great view, made even better on the night of the Queen's Birthday by fireworks both up- and down-river. Finally, it's exceptionally easy to get to, as it's nearly on top of Thewit pier, stop N15 on the river ferry system. Just look up and to your right as you step ashore and you'll see people eating. That's Silver Spoon.

Moreover, the food was excellent. This is not a place that is simply trading on its location. The fried chicken and pomelo salad was quite refreshing, with the crunchy saltiness of the chicken contrasting with the soft tart pomelo, with the spicy/sweet of the sauce a contrast to both flavors. Crab cakes were breaded, crunchy, with a lightly spicy salty crab filling. The chicken and cashew was our relatively unadventurous choice, but did not disappoint, with tender chicken and crisp cashews mixed with peppers and onions.

Finally, there was the mixed seafood souffle. (Leah told me the Thai name of this dish but I have since forgotten it, and will edit this entry after I ask her what it was.) This was the most expensive thing we ordered, at B. 120 (about $2.88; the other items were B.80 to 100, or $1.92 to $2.40) and came wrapped in a large leaf, with a mixed filling including squid, clams, and scallops.

The whole dinner came to under B.700 ($16.80) for the three of us, including drinks.

Thanks, Carrie! A great ending to a productive day.