May 15th, 2003

The dust has now well and truly settled...

...from the wedding chaos last weekend.

The happy couple have been driven to SFO for their honeymoon, the rental costumes have been returned, E has gone back east, the license is filed with San Mateo County...and now I'm realizing I have left some important telephone numbers in Connecticut.

So, here I am in Redwood City, casting about because there are folks I'd love to be able to call (not least of all my cousin) and get together with whose numbers are sitting in a dormant cell phone. What to do?

It occurs to me that some of you are on LJ. In fact, it occurs to me that there may be folks in the Bay Area who have friended me here who I don't even know live out here.


If you are within the sound of my voice (your call as to how far that is) and would like to arrange getting together, feel free to comment back so I can find you.

(Well, it seems like an experiment worth conducting...)

Thanks, everybody!

Speaking of the wedding, I'd like to thank all of you (including Steve, Ben, Julian, John, Marshall, and Thomas) who commented on the various rough drafts I put up here. In particular, Steve helped a great deal with all the various aspects of officiating a wedding. If I've forgotten anyone else, the omission is entirely accidental.

In retrospect, I feel I was so focused on and concerned about what I was writing that I didn't have time to be particularly nervous about being an officiant.

I think I now really understand why Steve enjoys this. In fact, I think I also understand why he wants to marry everyone. It's fun. :)

Homma's Brown Rice Sushi

On this trip, I've been letting others lead me to food. Kim suggested Homma's in Palo Alto. "It's a real hole-in-the-wall, but cheap and good."

I decided I'd keep my thoughts about brown rice in sushi to myself.

Homma's Brown Rice Sushi
2363B Birch St.
Palo Alto, CA
Caltrain: California Avenue

Tel: +1.650.327.6118

Lunch: M-F 1130-1430, Sa 1200-1430
Dinner: M-Sa 1700-2100

Homma's does in fact make good sushi with fresh fish. Personally, I'm so used to regular white sushi rice that the brown rice throws me off. Nonetheless, that the sushi is remarkably tasty. All sushi at Homma's is made with brown rice. If you can get past that, you'll enjoy the sushi.

Prices are quite reasonable. John and I both got the chirashi donburi ($9.50) which was a medium-sized portion, artfully arranged. Kim ordered the nigiri deluxe (Chef's Choice) ($10.80) which was eight pieces of assorted nigiri sushi. We then ordered a couple of hosomaki (normal rolls), both six piece which were on special: a mackerel and ginger roll ($3.40) and an eel and avocado roll ($3.90).

The menu is short, composed entirely of sushi, including a page of vegetarian options, and quite traditional. No weird or flashy roll options.

Prepare for a long wait. Homma's is popular and gets a lot of take out orders. We were advised that it would take half an hour before our food would be ready, so we ordered, then went down the street for pearl tea. This is probably a good strategy, generally. Or you might order by phone first. There are only a few tables but the bottleneck is definitely the speed of the chef and the number of takeout orders, since when we ordered the restaurant was empty but the chef was still working flat out.