May 7th, 2003


A couple of years ago, I'd mentioned to Julian (whose family is from Singapore) that there was a Singaporean restaurant in Menlo Park. He'd never gotten a chance to go, and last night he was really pumped to go, so Michael, Jen, Julian, and I all went.

He was not disappointed.

Shiok! Singapore Kitchen
1137 Chestnut St.
(btw. Santa Cruz and Oak Grove Av.)
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Caltrain: Menlo Park

Tel: +1.650.838.9448
Fax: +1.650.838.9328

Lunch: Tu-F, 1130-1430
Dinner: Tu-Su, 1730-2100

"This is the best Singaporean food I've had outside of Singapore!" he gushed. It is damned authentic, definitely. Green Melamine plates add a hawker centre touch to the decor, which is otherwise relatively upscale.

Highlights included Char Kway Teow, a combination of broad rice noodle and yellow noodle fried with prawns, Chinese sausage, egg, beansprouts, and chives in savory sweet black sauce ($8.50), and Roti Prata, a fried Indian flatbread ($4.00, $1.50 extra for the curry dipping sauce, which I definitely recommend). Michael really liked the Chinese Beef Steak, a stir-fried flank steak with asparagus and sweet pepper ($9.75).

Dishes were on the mild side of authentic. That is to say, some were quite hot for the average American palate, slightly mild for a Singaporean. The Nonya Fish, a snapper filet in tangy-spicy sauce ($10.75), was quite authentically spicy, the hottest dish we ordered. I've found that Malaysian/Singaporean places in the States tend to tone down the heat for Americans; this did not seem to be the case here, which was a nice change.

Service was unobtrusive and excellent; our big bottles of tap water were magically full every time we went to pour from them, although we hadn't noticed anyone refill or replace them.

The sticks of Doublemint gum as after-dinner mints were an ironic touch.

Julian wants to return for the Pepper Crab (somewhat expensive at $26) because the other dishes were so good that he feels sure they will do it right.