January 26th, 2003

Anna's Kitchen

Mufi, Nina, and I have been trying for months to arrange to go to what may be the only Hungarian restaurant in all of greater Boston. If there's another one, I don't know it. We tried Saturday night and still did not succeed, stymied by the fact that it closed at 9PM. Finally, in frustration, I decided to see what the food was like on a Sunday morning.

Anna's Kitchen
258 Willard St.
Quincy, MA 02169
Tu, We, Su: 0800-1300
Th-Sa: 0800-2100

Anna's is quite unpretentious. In fact, its look is very "lunch-counter". There's an "American Breakfast Menu" that except for a few Hungarian additions, looks like any other breakfast menu. But it's the "Hungarian Menu" that's the real point of coming here.

Anna's serves a great variety of soups. Sunday morning's selection was limited to what was left from Saturday night, but there were still four soups. I had the goulash soup (what's a Hungarian place without goulash?) ($3.45 cup, $4.75 bowl) and Mufi had the cherry soup ($2.95 cup, $4.35 bowl), which was very much like a cherry yogurt drink, presented as cold soup. We also had the "Anna's crepe" ($4.95) which is a crepe stuffed with chicken paprika covered in a cream sauce. Main courses are $7.45-$9.95 at lunch and $9.95-$12.45 at dinner, and include stews, stuffed cabbage, breaded medallions of pork or veal, and a roast.

For dessert there are various cakes and pastries, made by Anna. I had the crepe flambe ($4.95), which arrived covered by a flaming pond of chocolate sauce..
We watched as Anna made an 11" strawberry cake that had been ordered. They make both cheesecakes and regular cakes with cream (no sugar frosting), which need to be ordered in advance and cost from $40 to $56. They looked great.

Anna's husband (at least, I believe he's her husband) is the manager and a real character. He's friendly and likes to chat with the customers.