January 21st, 2003

Savannah Grill

Long Arisia weekend. Feeling somewhat drained. Lunch with non-fen today. May edit and expand on this later.

Savannah Grill
233A Elm Street, Davis Square
Somerville, MA
T: Davis
fax: +1.617.666.4230
M-Sa 1130-2230
Weekend brunch: 0930-1500
Su dinner: 1500-2200

Savannah Grill has a short menu but does most of it quite well. Selections at lunch include chicken or lamb over rice pilaf, served with salad ($8.95), and sandwiches like chicken parmesan, also served with salad ($5.95). Salads had a variety of greens (not including iceberg lettuce) and were noticably fresh.

The dinner menu is more expensive ($11.95-$14.95) but includes grilled salmon or swordfish, and shrimp risotto.