January 9th, 2003

Ivy Noodle

John suggested Ivy Noodle for dinner Tuesday night. Ivy Noodle isn't a particularly congenial venue for long conversation, but we made do by sitting way in the back, which also kept us away from the blasts of cold air that blow in every time someone opens the front door. It's not a bad choice if it's late and you're on the Yale campus.

Ivy Noodle
316 Elm St., New Haven, CT 06511
Mon-Sat: 1100-0200, Sun: 1200-2300

Ivy Noodle isn't a really exceptional Chinese noodle place, but it's cheap (most items under $6, all soup noodle selections under $5), open late, and the food is acceptable. Nearly a full page of the three-page menu is devoted to a wide variety of noodle soups. Once you've chosen your soup (from 30 different choices including Cambodian Rice Noodle, Shredded Chicken and Wonton Noodle, and Curry To Fu Noodle), you then make your choice of noodle (Spinach, Lo Mein, Cantonese, Rice, Chow Fun, Udon, Vermicelli, or Wide Egg Noodle). If you want the noodles dry, you can do that also for an extra 50¢. I have heard the waitstaff dismiss combinations that they don't think make sense; one of my friends once tried to order Curry Shrimp Noodle as a dry noodle plate and was told not to do that. There are also rice plates and rice congee (porridge) selections, for those who don't want noodles. Appetizers include the usual Chinese suspects including a passable turnip cake.

Interesting ethnic drinks (like barley lemon, or tea with tapioca pearl) intermittently available.

The staff gets grumpy about half an hour before closing.