January 6th, 2003

Anna's Taqueria

My friend Colby likes Anna's a lot. So much so that I pretty much expected he'd suggest it when I wandered over to his place to see if he'd be interested in lunch today.

Anna's Taqueria
236A Elm St., Davis Sq., Somerville, MA
T: Davis
Daily: 1000-2300

three other locations:
1412 Beacon St. Coolidge Corner, Brookline, MA
T: Coolidge Corner

446 Harvard St., Brookline, MA

822 Somerville Av., Porter Sq. Galleria, Cambridge, MA
T: Porter

For some reason, people really seem to like this local chain. I think it's okay, but not up to the standards of some of the little hole-in-the wall non-chain taquerias in the area.

It's certainly convenient and fast, although I find that it's not as inexpensive as it looks after you add all the extras: guacamole, cheese, and sour cream are all extra (30¢-55¢).

Anna's has a very modular menu. There are various formats:
burritos in regular ($2.95) and super ($3.40-$3.75) sizes,
tacos ($1.95-$2.05), quesadillas ($2.60-$2.95), and mexican plates ($3.95). You choose a filling: chicken (regular or grilled), carnitas, chili verde, steak, grilled vegetables, or bean & rice. That determines your main dish order.

Mexican sodas ($1.50) and juices available, as well as the usual soft drinks.