January 5th, 2003

First of the "I ate here tonight" entries: El Oriental de Cuba

A bunch of friends suggested we celebrate my being added to an informal dinner list by going to a place they'd wanted to return to for a while. I'm always glad to be the excuse (or have the excuse) to go somewhere new. Thus:

El Oriental de Cuba
416 Centre St., Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
M-Th 0800-2100
F-Sa 0800-2200
Su 0800-2000

Cuban specialties, including Cuban sandwiches ($4.75). Great drinks, including morir sonando (creamsicle-like drink, $2.50), and various flavors of milk shake (inc. papaya, mango, mamey, guanabana, tamarind, as well as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, $2). Also does breakfast. Main dishes $7.50-$11.75. We tried shredded beef, shrimp in spicy sauce, goat, and beef tongue, among other dishes. Main course come with your choice of rice (yellow or white), and your choice of plantain (sweet or not). Daily soup specials ($3.50-$9). The usual desserts (flan, arroz con leche, dulce de leche) but we were too full to try them. Menu available in Spanish and English, but only Spanish menu for take out. Credit card stickers displayed, although we paid cash.

Note: this is a sandwich shop that happens to have tables and waitstaff, not a restaurant that happens to make sandwiches.

Thanks to a whole bunch of people, mainly T.B. and Kriss. Another place that does (reputedly better) Cuban sandwiches is up the road and around the rotary. We resolved to try them sometime.
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