January 3rd, 2003

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Why a journal of restaurant listings?

It occurred to me that I kept losing track of good places to eat, whether
I had first stumbled across them myself or had them recommended to me.
I found this annoying. Keeping a record of them in LiveJournal
accomplishes two things: it means I have a net-accessible list of places
I've either eaten at or intend to eat at, and it means I can share my
experiences with anyone else interested in food.

Why restaurant listings, in particular?

There are three great pleasures in my life: food, sleep, and sex. I try
to engage in them all at regular intervals. I get grumpy if I don't.

There isn't that much to say about buying sleep. "David and I agree that
the Ibis Hotel in Amsterdam has the best beds on earth." That's the most
memorable sleep-related recommendation I've heard lately. Beyond that,
"Zzzzz", pretty much sums up a successful sleep consuming experience.

There's plenty to say about sex, but all my sex has been exchanged in a
friendly way. Part of being friendly about sex, for me, is not posting
sexual experiences on LiveJournal. If I ever do purchase any sex, I'll
consider posting about it here, as it'll likely make a funny story. Besides, there's plenty of that in other people's journals.

That leaves food. Well, buying food is something I do almost daily. I
like to eat. My eating preferences are eclectic and prone to odd
cravings, which I tend to indulge at the earliest available opportunity.
I don't like to spend a lot of money while doing so, but I don't much care
about decor or atmosphere. Sanitation, however, is important to me.

As a result, most of these entries will emphasize good food, a variety of
cuisines, low price, and little pretense. Where an entry deviates from
this I'll try to note that. This isn't so much a review site as a list of places and experiences. I make no claim to objectivity.

I also like trying fast food chains not local to me, so some of those will
appear, also.

Won't there be anything else?

Occasionally, I may talk about markets or groceries. And I may wander off
topic to talk about other things. It's my journal, after all.

Hey, there's nothing new here!

So, I'm on the road a lot. Sometimes I'll even be without net-access.
Probably I'm finding new places to eat. By and by there will be new entries.

There is a significant backlog of entries. I'll start by posting some of
them next.