Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Reactions to driving back here in the States after getting back from Germany.

I drive faster now that I've been driving in a place where 85 mph or so is about normal for the middle lane. This will last until I get my first speeding ticket here, I think. :)

Wow, I can fill the tank for less than $25! It was costing about €50 (about $60) to fill the same sized tank in Germany. It got to the point that when I drove through Luxembourg, which has the lowest fuel taxes of any of the countries in the neighborhood, €1.09 a liter felt cheap.

Lanes sure are wide in the States. Even in Boston, the lanes are pretty wide for Europe. Of course, in Europe, they tend to be a bit more consistent than in Boston, where they vary a lot, when they're painted on the roads at all. In Germany, they are very consistent, but narrower, and nearly always well-marked.

Someone needs to fix the street surfaces around here. I've been told that road repair crews in Germany have competitions to see who can build the smoothest surface. They do a great job of fixing potholes; the holes don't last long--the repairs do. At 200 km/h, you feel every ripple in the asphalt.
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