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Hey! Someone took some of the garbage away!

There is, however, quite a bit still left, as the dumpsters are just overflowing now, instead of having heaps of garbage bags piled around them.

I wonder who did it. Maybe some other arm of the municipal government decided it was a health and safety issue.

The background to this is that some public service employees, including most notably the garbage people, have been on strike for weeks. So garbage has been piling up all around town, and across the state, for just as long. And apparently the strikes are spreading across the country, state by state.

What this meant was that the garbage stations--where people from this apartment complex are supposed to dump their household garbage--have been collecting piles of trash. Fortunately, it's been cold enough to snow lately, so there hasn't been any smell or any insects. Nonetheless, the mounds were getting pretty big.

But coming home today, I noticed that the piles of garbage around the dumpsters were mostly gone, even if the dumpsters themselves were still crammed full. I suspect what happened was that management came by and dealt with all the loose bags, but didn't have the equipment to move the dumpsters.

http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,2144,1921089,00.html has a recent story on the strike, along with pictures.

At least the snow removal people were still working. At 5AM Saturday I saw some municipal employees shoveling snow off the pedestrian overpass going over the main line railway. I noticed that the streets were still unplowed, though.
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