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Bangpo Sea Food

Bika and her sister Ann had been looking for a place on Koh Samui with real Southern Thai food. The day we rented a car and were thus able to roam the island we got a chance to track down a place one of their relatives found.

Bangpo Sea Food
92/3 Moo 6 Maenam (between kms 44 and 45)
Koh Samui
Tel: +66.77.420010

Bangpo is the name of a beach on the north side of Samui island, and the restaurant itself is an open-air place facing the sea, with a spectacular view. Many tables are shaded, either by palm trees or by roofing, so you won't bake while you eat. Around you, chickens abound, pecking at imagined bits of food in the sand. The roosters seemed not to understand that as it was mid-afternoon, their crowing was overdue and unnecessary.

The food was excellent. As a starter, the waitstaff brings namprik kupbi, a dry chili and shrimp paste, served on coconut shell, which you use as a dipping sauce for string beans and cucumber slices. It's spicy but very flavorful.

We ordered one item from the chalkboard specials menu (all in Thai, so it was helpful to have two native Thai speakers in our party): cockles with seaweed (B.50, $1.20) recommended by our waitress. Crunchy, spicy, with a fantastic mix of flavors. The baked shrimp with glass noodle (B.250, $6), served with chili sauce on the side, was okay, but not spectacular. The shrimp themselves were enormous, however, and the serving was quite large. The fried crab with curry powder/paste (B.110, $2.65) was excellent. Our sour curry soup (two sizes: B.70, $1.65 and B.150, $3.60), was fiery hot, but good.

Bika and I got all this with coconut milk in rice (B. 15 for an individual portion or B. 60 for a big group). The servings of brown rice cooked in coconut milk were so tasty but very heavy and possibly a mistake. Nonetheless, although neither of us managed to finish our plates we were still really glad we ordered them.

B.500 ($12) paid for more food than the three of us could eat. We waddled back to our rental car. And you probably need a rental car or other independent transportation to get here, although there is a bus stop nearby.

The menu, except for the specials board, is in both English and Thai. They do take credit cards.
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