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Tidbit Treasure

Bika and I had a few hours free between the time I went up to Don Maung to meet her flight, and the time we needed to be back up to Don Maung to meet Sam and Clara. We decided that going back into town beat eating at the airport, particularly since the agony that is Bangkok rush hour traffic was pretty much over.

Chom's, our first choice, was closed, so after conferring with her brother, Bika suggested we eat at Tidbit Treasure, near the Emporium Mall.

Tidbit Treasure
593/19 Sukhumvit Soi 33/1 Thanon Sukhumvit
North Khlongtan, Wattana
Tel: +66.2258.5056
daily: 1100-1400, 1730-2200
BTS Skytrain: Phrom Phong

Tidbit Treasure is a smallish Chinese cafe, serving Thai interpreted Chinese food. It's not bad but nothing spectacular, except for one dish we ordered which I thought was out of this world, #161: Baked rice with black olives and minced pork in claypot. It was excellent, and I've scribbled down the characters to show to mom and ask her what the heck it actually is. What it tasted like was a rice dish with a thick layer of very flavorful minced pork cooked on top of it.

I can't remember what the price of this dish was, but most dishes there were in the B.100-150 ($2.40-$3.60)range. Nothing to break the bank. The most expensive things on the menu were the Peking duck and the Shark's fin, at B.400 ($9.60).

Overall, the place wouldn't get a listing if it weren't for the one dish. But that one dish is memorable, and it's entirely possible there are other such gems on the menu. It's worth trying some to see if there are.
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