Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Vestri, Cioccolato d'Autore

Vestri is a chocolate shop which serves gelato, mostly in various flavors that include chocolate, like chocolate-orange or chocolate-ginger. Chocolates and gelato. What a combination!

Vestri, Cioccolato d'Autore
Borgo degli Albizi, 11r
Florence, Italy
Tel: +39.055.2340374
http://www.cioccolateriavestri.com (more Flash)

(main location at
Via Romana, 161
Arezzo, Italy
Tel: +39.0575.907315)

As is standard in Florence gelaterias, you can get your gelato in a cup or a cone, and there are three sizes, starting at €1.50 for a piccolo (small). Also standard is that a small can include two flavors. I got the chocolate-orange, which tasted just like the candy, and giandula (chocolate-hazelnut, recommended by KJ's Italian instructor). KJ got the chocolate-ginger, which she likes. I think if I liked ginger more I'd like it but it's got quite a gingery taste. Great if you love ginger.
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