Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Trattoria Baldovino

Our problem at mealtimes was choosing which great place to go to. There were just so many good restaurants. Trattoria Baldovino was just one of KJ's faves.

Trattoria Baldovino
Via San Giuseppe 22r (corner Borgo Allegri, near the Piazza San Croce)
Florence, Italy
Tel: +39.055.241773
email: info@baldovino.com

(they also own an enoteca at Via San Giuseppe 18r, but we didn't go there)

We decided we'd try a couple of their samplers for antipasti: a crostini misto (€5.50), four different crostini with olive, artichoke, salmon, and liver patés, and bruschetta (cecca on crostini) for the fifth; and a smoked fish sampler (€10): tuna, whitefish, and salmon. Both pretty small, but very tasty.

For our primis KJ got lamb-filled ravioli with sage and butter (€7), which was excellent, while I got the fusili carbonara, with zucchini (also €7). The carbonara sauce was remarkably Kraft orange-colored, but tasted fine. I think the ravioli were probably the way to go.

We split a secondi, the spiedini toscana, or Tuscan skewers (€11.50), with chicken, veal, and sausage. This turned out to be two mixed skewers with meat interspersed with onion and peppers. We each took one and made very short work of them.

Florence was 36C that day, and we drank three liters of water between us, at €1.75 a liter. After adding in the coperto of €1.55 each, our total was €49.35, which we rounded up to €50 because service was quite good.

A great start to my visit to Florence.
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