Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Marcus Ranum to speak at the next BBLisa meeting (2005/11/09), MIT Building E51.

Thought some folks might be interested in this:

From http://www.bblisa.org/, thanks to BC.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005
MIT Building E51, Room 145 (“the other room”)
7:00 Introductions and announcements
7:25 Door prizes
7:30 Formal presentation

“How to Really Scare Microsoft”
Marcus Ranum

Open Source advocates and UNIX aficionadoes have long offered UNIX/Linux as a replacement for Microsoft's ubiquitous Windows(r) platform, hoping that somehow Microsoft's platform monopoly could be broken by software that was cheap, fast, and good. It's not going to happen. Aside from niggling details, UNIX/Linux have the same fundamental problems as Windows: system administration, lack of standardization, kitchen sink design, security vulnerabilities, and lack of fundamental protection for data and intellectual property rights.

To dethrone Microsoft, it is necessary to create a compelling vision of an environment that could lower the total costs of computing to never-before-seen lows. What might such an environment resemble? Do you really want to scare Microsoft? In this presentation, I will outline the high-level design of a marketecture that would stand a decent chance of dethroning the king.
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