Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Vecmeita Ar Kaki

Another recommendation from the In Your Pocket people, this one from their Riga guide.

Vecmeita Ar Kaki
Maza Pils iela 1
Riga, Latvia
Tel: +371.732.50.77

I decided I was going to try and avoid pork tonight. In Latvia, an entire day's food can and often is constructed around pork. I'd just had one of those days, so it was time for something else.

I started with spicy meat soup (Ls. 1.10, $1.95) which was tomatoey, not very spicy, and in any case probably also had pork. Oh well. Seafood in shell (Ls. 2.00, $3.55) was excellent, however. Served in two halves of an open scallop shell with toast, it had calamari, mussels, shrimp, octopus, and baby clams, all in a cream sauce and lightly seasoned with peppers and onions.
The Norwegian salmon (Ls. 2.90, $5.15) with horseradish sauce (which turned out to be more cream than horseradish) was served piping hot, right out of the broiler, and sprinkled with dill. The salmon itself was excellent, and tasted more of dill than horseradish, which to my taste was just fine, as I love dill. It comes with your choice of boiled potatoes, rice, or fries. I got the rice, but probably either of the potato options would have been more interesting than white rice.

The local pear cider, Lucky Dog (Ls. 0.90, $1.60), is 6% alcohol, and tastes it. It was okay. I've had better pear cider, but it was certainly drinkable.

Food is cooked to order, seemingly one course at a time. This wasn't a problem for me but if you're in a hurry, keep it in mind. Portions are European-sized, i.e., small. Still, I waddled out. I probably shouldn't have ordered the soup.

Service was quite efficient. The menu has English translations.

Note that this is a cellar bar, or pub. It's much like a Dutch eetcafe; a drinking establishment that serves good food. There's an extensive drinks menu. Don't be surprised if the folks at the next table are singing off-key at the top of their lungs in languages you don't understand. :)
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