Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Cukierina Wierniccy / Piekarnie Ambroziak

I was changing trams when I smelled the pastries through the open door. Good sign, that. I thought they'd closed for the day, but then I looked down at the hours and discovered they were still open for fifteen more minutes. So I went in.

Cukiernia Wierniccy/Piekarnie Ambroziak
119/125 Aleja "Solidarnosci" (at Aleja Jana Pawla II)
Warszawa, Poland

M-F 0700-1900
Sa 0800-1600
Su 1100-1500

I'm a sucker for pastries. I went in and got a (3.75 in) fruit tart, to go, for zl. 4 ($1.03). Yummy.

I don't know if this place is particularly noteworthy compared to other pastry shops in Warsaw, but I liked it. And it's certainly easy to get to, as it's at the junction of two major tram routes.

(It does amuse me that "the corner of Solidarity and John Paul II" is an address that would not have existed in Warsaw before 1989.)
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