Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Gospoda Pod Kogutem

Wherever I go, I like to try local food. Why eat food you could eat at home while you're travelling? You could do that at home. Besides, I feel as if you get a better idea of a place when you've got their food in your stomach.

I was in Warsaw. I wanted bigos.

Gospoda Pod Kogutem
ul. Rakowiecka 43A (corner ul. Opoczynska, in Stary Mokotów)
02-521 Warszawa, Poland
Tel: +48.22.849.08.78
Metro: Pole Mokotowskie

M-F: 1000-2200
Sa-Su: 1200-2000

It's been a long time since I'd had bigos. One of my friends from college had a Polish-American girlfriend, and for a while they'd keep a huge cauldron of bigos simmering on the stove at their group house for folks to spoon a bowl out of if they got hungry. Bigos is a sauerkraut-based stew containing a variety of meats, kielbasa, and vegetables. It was great stuff.

Gospoda Pod Kogutem had it. Not on the English language menu, mind you, but on the Polish one. I compared the two, and noted that on the English menu items cost slightly more, but were larger (in the old Eastern European manner, menu items are listed with their portion sizes in grams). I asked if they had bigos (listed on Polish menu for zl. 10., $2.58; charged as zl. 12.00, $3.10) , and they did. I ordered a herring appetizer (zl. 10, $2.58) and a bottled water (zl 3, 78¢). Bread and spread for bread (which looked like fat and onions, and tasted okay, although I still prefer butter) was zl. 2 (52¢).

Overall, everything except the bigos was excellent. On the other hand, the bigos was okay, just not as good as the homemade bigos I remember. Then again, I suppose that's asking a lot. :)

Service was polite and friendly. I wasn't sure if I'd gotten gouged because it's possible I'd gotten a slightly bigger portion than the 200g on the Polish menu. However, the difference was about half a buck, so who cares?

Note: the front entrance opens onto a bar. Walk through and take the doorway on the right to the dining room.
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