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Vilnius accomodation options

My first night in Vilnius, I decided I'd book ahead, since I was flying in and arriving after business hours. You never know how it's going to go when you get in to town that late. I found Litinterp online.

Bernardinu 7-1
Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel: +370.
fax: +370.
email: vilnius@litinterp.lt

Litinterp is an interpretation service with an attached room-finding service, B&B, and car rental agency. Or maybe they started life as an interpretation and translation service, and branched out. In any case, they do a nice job with their B&B. Rooms are clean and furnished in that Scandinavian modern natural wood look. My room was a double (two single beds) because it was all they had left, at Lt. 100 ($33.25). If a single had been available, it would've been Lt. 80 ($26.62). Both prices include a continental breakfast delivered to your room. Staff were helpful and very nice. (I watched the manager deal quite well with a rather difficult customer when I stopped in to ask about something. I've worked with customers myself, and I have to say I wouldn't have wanted to deal with this guy, but the manager never lost his cool, despite the fact that the guy was being a pain, hassling the manager over something out of his control, and in English, which was clearly not the manager's first language. Nice job.)

It was a pleasant place, deep in Old Town Vilnius, and if I were going to visit Vilnius again with someone instead of alone I'd pick Litinterp instead of the Old Town Hostel where I stayed next, just for the privacy.

Old Town Hostel (affiliated with Hostelling International)
Ausros Vartu 20-15 (400 meters from the train station)
Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel: +370.
email: vilnius@balticbackpackers.com

This is a very social place, even for a youth hostel. I met a good dozen people here in a single day, five of which I got to know well enough to exchange email with. Dorm beds are Lt. 32 ($10.65) if you're a member of HI, Lt. 34 ($11.32) if not. Sheets are extra, at Lt. 1 (33¢) per sheet or pillowcase, or Lt. 5 ($1.66) for the whole set, including a towel. There's use of a kitchen (with free tea and coffee) and free internet access (which there's usually a line for), but no locked access for luggage. I just locked mine to the bunks with a bicycle chain. Overall, though, the place seems reasonably safe.

I liked this place, if only for the fact that lots of interesting people stayed here and sat around in the common room drinking tea and coffee.

Everyone traded info and stories about nearby countries. Fiona, the manager, was off to Belarus when I actually stayed there. She and I had talked for a couple of hours when I went by to make the reservation and hand her my credit card info. Zack was on his way back to Australia via the Trans-Siberian. One guy seemed to be travelling the world despite the fact that he never flew. Another went on and on about what a great time he'd had in Bulgaria; how great the beaches were, how hot the women were, how it was a non-stop party on the Black Sea coast, and how he hadn't wanted to leave. I gave Catherine info on a couple of hostels in Warsaw; we ended up having two meals together and I finally walked her to the bus station so she could catch her overnight bus to Warsaw. I talked with a woman from Montreal about the fireworks festival, the new Harry Potter, and Six Flags buying La Ronde. And finally, I went to Warsaw on the overnight train with Hayley, and Alison & Mark.

As I said, a social place. If you don't like the backpacker experience, go elsewhere. If you do, you'll find this hostel particularly social. I think it's the shared difficulty of dealing with Eastern Europe, and the scarcity of tourists, that make for a congenial environment here. That, and it rains a lot, so people find themselves hanging around here drying out.
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