Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Looking to use a non-public machine to make a couple of financial transactions.

I'm wondering if any of my friends near Somerville, MA would be willing to let me use their computer for about ten minutes to examine my credit card bill, and if necessary, pay it.

bedfull_o_books's machine has a non-standard browser/OS combination which the banks don't like. I'm sure I could find a standard combination at the public library, but for some odd reason making financial transactions on a public machine makes me uneasy. :)

Anyway, if anyone local would be willing to let me use their machine for ten minutes or so today (Thursday), I'd be very thankful. (I'd do this by phone/paper, except the bill is likely in a mailbox in Connecticut which it is temporarily inconvenient to get to, and the due date approaches.)

Thanks much!
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