Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Strangely named. Fun to take. Wacky results.

Nightmare scales: Panic: 50%. Dread: 68%. Lampreys: 68%.

You are the SPHINX. No, not the mighty riddle-asking beast of mythology-- the mutant hairless breed of cat. All you want to do is cuddle-- with anything, really, because your hosed genome has left you prone to life-threatening chills even in heated rooms-- and so you're often found snuggling with light bulbs, elderly dogs who hurt too much to run away, appliances, and the like.

SEEK: ANYTHING WARM. Look, it's better than freezing your whisk-- WHOOPS! Too late! You were born without those, too. AVOID: snakes, iced drinks, the outside world.

The Vacuous Personality Inventory Test

(From bookly.)
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