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Town Shawarma Restaurant and Halal Meat Market

bedfull_o_books and I had doctor's appointments in the same building a half hour apart, so we decided to meet afterwards and visit the Armenian markets in Watertown Center together. We spotted Town Shawarma as we were walking from market to market.

Town Shawarma Restaurant and Halal Meat Market
580 Mt. Auburn St.
Watertown, MA 02472
tel: +1.617.923.2999
M-Sa: 1000-2000

What distinguishes Town Shawarma from its competitors is that it's a restaurant with a butcher shop attached. The lamb kebab, for example, was excellent.

bedfull_o_books got the lamb kebab plate ($7.50), while I got the daily special ($6.99), which that day was the kafta kebab. The kafta kebab was flavorful but a bit overdone, while the lamb kebab was juicy, nicely marinaded, and cooked just right: pink inside and well-done outside. It seems like the right thing here is to go for the cuts of meat; the Syrian owner really seems to know his business here.

There are a couple of items on the menu I'd like to try. There's the lamb chop plate (4 pcs) at $8.99, and the macaneck plate, a beef and lamb sausage ($7.50).

There are dinner plates ($6.99-8.99) and sandwiches (in pita bread, 4.50-4.99). Dinner plates all come with hoummus, salad, rice, and pita bread. The hoummus isn't bad, the salad is undistinguished, but the rice is fine. The pita bread is served warm.

On a subsequent visit I had the lamb steak plate, which was on special that day. One warning: this is a plastic cutlery and disposable plate kind of place, but the cuts of meat sometimes do not cooperate. It was difficult to cut the lamb with a plastic knife that kept bending. This was frustrating because the lamb steak was actually very good, as was the accompanying sauteed vegetable dish of tomato, onion, and peppers. It's worth asking for it because it is so much better than the salad.

As this is also a meat market, beef, lamb, and chicken are all available. All meat is halal. Town Shawarma also does catering, which can include their specialty: Grilled whole lamb, stuffed with rice and nuts.
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