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POPE or NOPE? (in the spirit of HOT or NOT?)

Pope..? or Nope!

Idea by oekler. From http://www.livejournal.com/users/oelker/309284.html:

"I had this thought; so we're going to go through weeks of speculation, when the time comes to choose a new Pope, about who will be picked.

"And then I envisioned a site called popeornot.com, where there are pictures of all the cardinals and the faithful can rate them.

"We're all going to hell, but I think I'm driving the bus."

Initial coding by faendryl, full implementation by holmes_iv. From http://www.livejournal.com/users/holmes_iv/7475.html:

"Just so we're all clear on how this vehicle is currently staffed: digitalemur is navigating, I'm driving, and faendryl is sitting shotgun, keeping an eye out for the Inquisition, and fielding merchandising proposals on his cell phone. After all, we may need a revenue stream to cover the replacement tires: even leaving the heat aside, I'm told good intentions can be murder on your wheels.

"My officemate, meanwhile, has been advised to try to keep from getting between me and the window, especially if there's any smell of ozone in the air."

Thanks, folks.

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