Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Following Jesse's lead...

...I'm posting my flight info. I'm not sure anyone else needs it, but hey, if there's some event involving one of my flights, you'll know. :)

Sunday, 15 June:
Singapore Airlines 25 depart New York Kennedy 9:45PM

Monday, 16 June:
arrive Frankfurt am Main 11:15AM

Tuesday, 17 June:
Lufthansa 3320 depart Frankfurt am Main 9:35AM
arrive Vilnius 12:40PM

Wednesday, 25 June:
Lufthansa 3373 depart Vilnius 1:30PM
arrive Frankfurt am Main 2:45PM
Lufthansa 5602 depart Frankfurt am Main 4:35PM
arrive Florence Amerigo Vespucci 6:10PM

Sunday, 29 June:
Singapore Airlines 26 depart Frankfurt am Main 8:30AM
arrive New York Kennedy 10:40AM
Tags: itinerary
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