Randomness (r_ness) wrote,


...have been pretty pleasantly mild for me lately. Weather transitions, that is.

Before I left for San Jose in May, the local weather did its best imitation of Northern California: warmish, sunny, and dry.

Now that I'm leaving for Vilnius, the local weather is trying hard to recreate all the ingredients of a Northern European coastal climate: cool, overcast, and wet. It's doing a damn fine job.

How well it's done this I realized this morning, as I left Logan Airport, having unsuccessfully attempted to pick up my frequent flyer award tickets from the seething chaos United calls their ticket desk. Cool, drizzly, damp. Yup, that's about right for the Baltic States this time of year.

My friend Nina complains that there's something wrong when she's going to Scotland for the *weather*. I thought of her yesterday while walking out of the Mt. Auburn Hospital parking garage. The weather and the car park together had a very urban North of England feel.

Now I'm a little afraid of what the weather's going to come up with before I leave for Thailand in August.
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