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Awake, bored, and in the 6th day of a sore throat...

...so I'm googling for useful information.

http://www.ncemi.org/cse/cse0312.htm looks particularly useful:

"The general public knows to see a doctor for a sore throat, but the actual benefit of this visit is unclear. Rheumatic fever is a sequela of about 1% of group A streptococcal infections, and only about 10% of sore throats seen by physicians represent group A streptococcal infections. Post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis is usually a self- limiting illness and is not prevented with antibiotic treatment. Penicillin therapy does avoid acute rheumatic fever and may sometimes reduce symptoms or shorten the course of a sore throat. Antibiotics probably inhibit progress of the infection into tonsillitis, peritonsillar and retropharyngeal abscesses, adenitis, and pneumonia."

Personally, my suspicion is that it's viral. Annoying, but it ought to deal with itself in a couple more days.

In the meantime, I'm bored, awake, and wishing I'd set up some instant messaging client. Then again, I don't know where anyone is, and it's likely most everyone is asleep. Well, if they have sense, they are. :)

bedfull_o_books is comfortably tucked in bed in another room, and I'm within earshot if she needs anything, so that's all set.

I'd post more food and lodging info but I'm too groggy to write clearly. I'm up to chatter but there's no one to chat with.

I'm a little worried about some of the friends on my friends list but again, if they have sense they're asleep.

I'd sleep, but I went to bed last night about 9, and woke up recently after nearly 8 hours of sleep. Moreover, I pretty much did nothing except sleep, wash, buy food, eat, and go to the bathroom yesterday, so lack of sleep has not been a problem lately.
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