Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Well, that was amusing.

Just got back from Somerville's proclamation of "Hargo Day", in honor of Somerville's Gates. Shook Hargo's hand, got lots of pictures of the 13 gates, and of the artist with the mayor. It was fun. The food at the reception was orange. monkeygod and I got pictures of each other with the gates. nhradar and I chatted with Hargo briefly.

Overheard Hargo mentioning that he'd had to take down the site because of all the traffic he was getting. Apparently it went from about 300,000 hits to over 600,000 after the NYTimes article. Then it dropped off a bit and he thought that might be it, but then it spiked to 800,000...that's when he pulled the plug, because couldn't afford the bandwidth.

He figures it's in everyone's cache anyway. I'm guessing it's also in some internet archive, too.

Anyway, media was there--as I left, surrealestate was being interviewed by a Herald reporter--and some TV station did an interview of Hargo in front of his gates.
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