Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Harrows Chicken Pies

I have no idea how I heard about Harrows. But when bedfull_o_books came home today, I suggested we go pick up a pie for dinner. It was a good decision.

Harrows Chicken Pies
126 Main Street (Rt. 28, just north of Rt. 128)
Reading, MA
(781) 944-0410

Harrows sells white meat chicken pot pies for take-out only from their function hall in Reading. They come in two "flavors": with potato and carrots, and without; and a variety of sizes, from single-serving (both kinds $4.95) to a jumbo, serving six ($18.50/19.25). We got the apartment-sized (2-3 servings) white meat and vegetables, for $11.50. We also got a pint of squash ($3.95) and a half-pint of cranberry sauce (1.75).

According to the website, you need to order preheated, ready to eat pies an hour ahead of time, but apparently they do keep a few on hand, so we lucked out. Otherwise, they come refrigerated and ready to bake, not ready to eat.

This is serious comfort food. Big shreds of white meat, blocks of potato, and slices of carrots, all in a thick gravy and topped with a crust baked to a flaky golden brown. I wasn't particularly impressed with either the squash or the cranberry sauce. There wasn't anything wrong with them but they were just standard, and I don't care much for either at the best of times. If you like squash, you'd probably like it; it was very straightforward, without any spices like nutmeg or orange zest. Just squash.

They also have chicken soup, chicken salad, mashed potatoes, and both apple and blueberry pies in 8" and 10" sizes. Oh, and you can buy a dozen rolls for 3.25.

Personally, I'd concentrate on the pies.

Harrows also does functions, including brunch.
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