Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Hostel Ruthensteiner

Hostel Ruthensteiner
Robert Hamerlinggasse 24,
1150 Vienna Austria
Tel: +43-1-8934202 or 8932796
e-mail: info@hostelruthensteiner.com
(last visit fall 2001)
U-bahn: Westbahnhof

the entrance, and the hosts

The hostel Ruthensteiner is very conveniently located a short walk from Vienna's Westbahnhof. If you've got a train to catch, or if you're exhausted from a long train ride in, this is the place for you. (The airport bus also goes to Westbahnhof.) It's inexpensive, particularly in the dorms. During the winter season (1 Nov to 16 Dec, and 9 Jan to 2 Mar) you can get a bed in a dormitory for as little as € 11.50. When I was there it was neither very social nor very noisy. They let me stay in one of the private rooms as a single person, and I was quite pleased. There's a four night maximum, which is flexible, particularly during the winter.

There's a small courtyard garden. a central courtyard My room faced onto it.

Staff are reasonably friendly and efficient, and there's plenty of information available about Vienna and the surrounding area. Lockers are available.

It's a pleasant neighborhood, too. Mariahilferstr. (the main street a block away) has a tram line if you're really running late for a train. This came in handy one morning. Mariahilferstr. also becomes the local red-light street, but that's not a problem; the cops patrol regularly to make sure the sex workers can solicit safely.

And their internet kiosk runs Linux. :)

(That latter was a problem because their ssh client was configured to log in the userid that the kiosk ran; I wrote a short note about this to the maintainer but I don't know that they fixed it.)
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