Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Restaurant and Shishah Naser al-Masri

Nasir al-Masri is tucked away on a sidestreet full of other, similar Middle Eastern restaurants. This would be no particular surprise if the sidestreet were in Cairo, but instead it's a soi off Sukhumvit Road, in Bangkok's Nana district.

Restaurant and Shishah Naser al-Masri
4/6 North Nana
Bangkok 3/1
tel +66.2.2535582/2547730
fax +66.2.6555299
(neither URL worked at last attempt)
open 22 hours a day
(last visit February 2004)
BTS Skytrain: Nana

As the name suggests, this Egyptian restaurant offers shishah, the customary post-prandial tobacco pipe. I believe it was in the B. 150 (US$ 3.84) range for a pipe, filled with your choice of flavored tobacco, but I won't swear to it because I was alone and had never smoked shishah before, so I didn't try it. (In fact, I had to wait until I got back to Connecticut, where B and T were kind enough to initiate me into the mysteries of the shishah.) There's both a streetside terrace and an upstairs "traditional arabian seating area" for your smoking pleasure. Having now tried shishah, I can say that it is the most pleasant tobacco experience I've ever had.

But on to the food, which seems authentic although possibly slightly overpriced, given the small portions. I had the lamb bbq (B. 140, $3.58) and the lamb's liver bbq (B. 120, $3.07), each of which were a single large skewer of meat and vegetables, done fairly well, but not tough. Rice was B. 50 ($1.28) and flatbread was B. 20 ($0.51). Finally, I also ordered a plate of fuul (fava bean paste, B. 30, $0.77). Put together it was a whole lot of food for around $12.
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