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Mary's Dairy

It's been a couple of weeks since sarabellum and I went to Mary's Dairy. As I mentioned earlier adamhmorse and orichalcum first brought me to it on an evening where I visited both Mary's Dairy and Cones.

Mary's Dairy
171 West 4th St.
New York, NY 10014-3888
Free delivery with $15 minimum purchase (probably in the local area)
Subway: W. 4th St. (A, C, E, F, V, S: Grand St. Shuttle)

Mary's Dairy is the ice cream place in the neighborhood to go to for full-on American-style ice cream decadence. They have a variety of flavors, all rich, all dense, divided into two groups: Mary's super premium handmade, and Mary's exotic ice creams. The exotics are more expensive ($4.95 for a small vs. $3.25 for the other flavors), but include expensive bits mixed in. For example, the Ying Yang is their milk chocolate ice cream with bits of bittersweet Valrhona chocolate. The Hawaii Five O contains their Killer Chocolate flavor with Callebaut chips and Macadamia nuts. The Sandy is a belgian chocolate ice cream with bits of pistachio halvah. And so forth.

I got one of their combinations: one scoop of their vanilla and one of ying yang. I don't generally like bits in my ice cream, but I had to try the combination of bittersweet chocolate and milk chocolate ice cream. Wow. It was a variation on the classic combination of vanilla and chocolate, but richer and creamier than ever. (I feel my waistline expanding even as I recount this.)

Waffle cones are an extra dollar. Other prices are (exotic/super premium): 5.95/4.25 for a regular; 7.95/5.25 for a large; 8.95/6.50 pint; 14.95/9.95 quart. Dry toppings are 50 cents, whipped cream is another buck, various sauces and syrups are $1.25, while fresh strawberries are 1.75. They also do sundaes (5.95), banana splits (6.95), double creams (a Krispy Kreme donut with a scoop of ice cream on top for 4.25), and so forth. Hot and cold drinks are available.

They also have sorbets, which are fat and dairy free; and lite soft serve. But if you're here, get the real thing. You want something light, go to Cones instead.
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