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After dinner, I took bedfull_o_books downtown for ice cream. There are a couple of options within a short walk of each other: Cones, and Mary's Dairy. (One memorable evening adamhmorse and orichalcum had asked me to decide which to go to and I suggested "both?".) I'd never gotten around to writing either of them up, so this seemed a good opportunity to copy down prices and do the typing.

272 Bleeker St.
New York, NY 10014-4104
tel/fax: +1.212.414.1795
(last visit: February 2005)
Subway: Christopher St./Sheridan Sq. (1, 9) or W. 4th St. (A, C, E, F, V, S: Grand St. Shuttle)

Cones, established in 1998, serves Argentine-style ice creams and sorbets. The ice cream is similar to Italian gelato, and thus lighter than the rich American premium ice cream served nearby at Mary's Dairy. Cones has a great variety of fruit sorbets, and their ice cream selection usually includes some unusual flavors.

This visit, we tried the pear and the ginger, both sorbets. The pear was subtle, and even had a bit of pear stem left in the sorbet, but was unfortunately drowned out by the ginger, which was quite forceful. This was probably more the juxtaposition than a failure of the pear, though bedfull_o_books said it had some of the bad features of real pear, though it tasted fine to me.

Prices are about what you'd expect in this neighborhood: a sugar cone is $3.21. 1, 2, and 3 flavor cups are $3.43, 4.37, and 5.52, respectively. A waffle cone with 2 or 3 flavors is $6.21. All of the preceding prices are before tax, while the prices for a pint ($9.50) and quart ($17) are non-taxable.
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