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I love my friends list! I love my friends!

I really do. Even if an average day does consist of over 125 posts. Strike that. It's because of the sheer diversity of the cool things my friends are doing, the things they think are important, and the opinions they want to share, that I love reading it so much.

Sure, there's some angst, but those posts are scattered amongst all the other things that are going on in people's lives. They change the flavor of the friends list, and there's a richness that's missing when it's gone. I noticed that immediately when I accidentally took a look at my friends list before logging in, which removed all the friends-locked posts, and most of the angst. I was a page or so in before I realized something odd was going on, and then realized I wasn't seeing any friends-locked posts. (Yah, I'm slow.)

I'm not glad that some friends are unhappy, but I'm glad they feel like that they can share that with me, and I'm glad to have the chance to say something that might help, or at least not hurt.

My friends are doing so many neat things! I'm occasionally sad when I realize I've missed some things I could have done with them, and sometimes I wish I were able to teleport around, or time-split, or something equally implausible, in order to share more of those things, but life is busy, and that's just how it goes. It's rewarding in its own way just to see what friends have been doing.

The world is huge! So many neat things are happening!

Thank you all for being in my life!

Okay, I'll stop channeling Little Miss Ray of Sunshine now. :)

Edit: And yes, I realize this post is dangerously close to one mister_huggles might write.
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