Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

antoniusrex has suggested on a couple of occasions that I should go on a reality-TV show, particularly "Amazing Race".

To this, emilymorgan said, "No, that's not what you want to do. In a "reality-TV" show, you have to do what they tell you. What you want is to have a show about you, so they do what you tell them.

I'm still much too private to do either of these things--and the latter is, alas, unrealistic given the nature of the business--but I had a brief moment of fun imagining what I'd do if I had a camera crew following me around:

"Hi guys! Today we're going to Medellín and Caracas! For more fun and interest we're going overland via Tegucigalpa and San Salvador! I'm glad you could come along! Watch for pickpockets, everyone!

"Next month's trip is from Dakar to Lagos! We'll be stopping in Freetown, Monrovia, and Abidjan!"

See? Completely unrealistic.
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